viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

Worthy animations

Animations!! , as full of weird ideas as originality and interesting animations. i still cant stop watching and them, trying to solve some of the enigmas or just enjoying the characters, the animation and the storys. something diferent from the too stylish and conventional storys full of cliches ( or a bad use of the digital media) i hope youll enjoy them.

meanwhile ill wonder how could i make some stop motion animations myself

i love the following kind of animatios!
oh! look that shop is just like my room <3>

moomin was one of my favorite tv programas, its such a shame that they only broadcast the anime version here in México. this is one of my favorite episodes, dont know why i just really like the lady of the cold idea ( i love how she sings in the anime version)  sometimes it was a creepy show jejeje

some other styles

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  1. Hi there! just popping by to say thank you for following and I'm soo glad to have found your etsy shop. it's delightful! I'm so excited to see more of your work..and maybe feature it on my blog sometime soon (: Just ordered quite a handful of them from your shop! xx