lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Website in progress

  For a long time various people have been asking about my personal website, and it isn't quite nice to say "oh no, sorry i don't have one" and give them my Deviantart account instead.  i don't have anything against DA but its always a good idea to work on your on web, specially if you can reflect your own art in the way you build it, and for  a lot of other reasons.
I been working on the idea of building a website for a long time actually, but i wasn't able to find a good place with good editing tools and else. i checked wordpress, weebly, freewebs that are some of the most recommended places. but to be honest, i really didn't like them. maybe i didn't expend enough time working on them. i think its because i once found a really nice web page before, it wasn't really good at the beginning, but they improved some various details and now i can work easily with it. also as i just restored my computer  a few days ago now its faster and easy to work with (i still have some troubles as i need to download a few more thing tho.)  " Wix "  is the name of this page to build website, just if your curious.
Also i think i´ve found a good place for hosting. So, the plan is to have a website up and running before August ends. this is something important as ill be back to school on the last weeks of September *Gulp*.

So. ill try to get a little more focused on this task.  Ive already made some drawing and illustrations that are going to be part of the web, also my traditional media works (like paintings and needle felted figures) will be getting more attention than digital. And i have a good reason to do this!  if everything goes as planned at the end of the month ill be getting a new and better graphic tablet!  lately mine has been failing a lot.  so with this new one and with my computer working faster (an with a better Photoshop version) im sure the quality on my digital works will improve.

some illustrations that need to be finished soon

And... hmm ill probably make a list of all the works i want to finish before the month ends. there are a lot of new thing i want to work with, but there are things i need to finish asap!.

And yay for new glasses! 
(they used to be white but...  hope the paint wont get scratched :P

ah! grate :3   

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  1. chan chan chaaaaan!!!!!
    I said the same damned thing and I'm still waiting for paintings to dry and ideas to flow better to have enough works to show at a website hehehe is that site easy to work with? You know, I'm a stooopid about doing websites T_T I hope to see yours soon !!!!!!!! can't wait!

    In the mean time you can check DA portfolios, your right comes with the suscription girl!! I'm using that until I get a website of my own ^^
    Let's hope there's another special price on december for the suscriptions, lets cross our fingers!