domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

To be finished...

With so many things i my head lately i haven't been able to come and post that often.
but i been thinking that it could be idea to come and show a bit of the work in progress.

Science Monday i been working on a new commission. another anime character.
i must say that searching for the right colors and textures can be a hard task, but is really worth the job. in the end you'll get a better appearance and a closer look to the original character. and thats something really rewarding.

some of the fabrics ill be using 

I really like working with all kind of  fabrics, and sometimes it can be completely messy. the fabrics you see above. those are really soft and cuddly with this fur length, but ho ho! when you cut this kind of fabric you cant avoid cutting the length of the fibers, so you end having an intimidating amount of tiny fibers floating around the place sticking to everything. believe me, you don´t want to breath this stuff, you need to use something to cover your nose and mouth or you'll end feeling like a cat trying to throw up a  hair ball yuk!  being my bedroom my workplace-kind-of-a-studio room i always need to have the vacuum at hand. i don´t want that stuff on my pillows! D:

Also i about to finish this watercolor painting for a dear friend.
i really like a lot of things about it, specially the fact that i been able to experiment a lot with it. I always wanted to do something with watercolors, also to paint something quite big and complex, and to use a wood base and not just some photoshop textures.  apart from my old illustration "daydream for a life" this one have been the most complex science i made the first sketches for it. i think ill go into more details about it when its finished and i post a good picture of it. i think ill do that after i give it to his new owner :D i really hope he likes it. i been quite worried, because it isn't a big oil painting with tons of solid  colors like the ones people usually hang on their walls. im not sure why but i decided to not come with something like that... my theory... maybe i don´t want it to call the whole attention over it. its like... like... when you spot something on the distance, something quite hiding between a lot of noisy things, and you get closer to try to find more about it. and you see it. it calls your attention even more. you began to follow the flowing lines and movement on it, the colors, the shapes, the story. its something quiet, something friendly, something that whispers.

hehehe i wrote all "poetical" again :P. i wonder how many art teachers will be all frustrated with the way im doing this jaja this isn't the way one should work with watercolor... i think.  ah well. ah well.

i do really plan too finish these two between  the 14 - 20. 

And sience once in a while one needs to get distracted from the regular works im crafting something more. quite small and not a priority to be finished. im actually using some tiny remains from other works i, ve done.

And the web? well, i been having some troubles with the web editor, and i can officially blame my computer, today i worked with my uncles laptop and what usually takes me 4 hours of work with my computer, on his it took me some ridiculous 10 minutes. now im thinking, should i change to another site builder-host or just be really really patient? lets left the payment methods alone.

im still on school, i need to work in this therm project. whoa!
see you then. until next post
ill keep working.

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