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Usefull links

New year, new perspectives... better organization.
i hope you had some nice holidays and maybe, by now you´ll have the eager to go back to work to craft and make all the artistic things you have in mind (or your favorite thing to do).
to help you a little i´m going to share some nice links that may be useful for your task
some are already listed and some will be added on the side bar menu.
I´ll be adding more eventually

Resources and communities :

"online community where people share hip, off-beat, crafty diy (do it yourself) projects. The term "Craftster" means "crafty hipster" and is also meant to be an homage to the pioneer peer-to-peer sites Napster and Friendster."

this community has everything! here you can find people making all kind of projects with all kind of materials; fabric, glass, ceramics and even recycled ones. They make contests, swaps and share free patterns and "how to" tutorials, loads of inspiration inside!.


"ThreadBanger is the home of DIY fashion how-tos, home décor tips, and more!"
 A really nice place where you´ll find lots of tutorials for home decor and fashion, and they have videos!


I usually give color to my artwork with digital media, i kind of dislike when they loo flat or too digital. sometimes adding some texture to them will help a lot, and gives a really nice feeling, if you add more than a couple of textures wisely  in the same image you can achieve a more rich result, and really grate effects.

Adding color to your works just cannot be a random thing, or at least not always, you need to think about composition, contrasts, the concept and mood you want to reflect in your works and what not. sometimes choosing the right colors can be tricky, with this site you can eventually build your own color pallet.
In this Community you´ll find specific colors with their HEX and RGB codes, palettes, patterns and few more things that will be really helpfull.

"is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Its primary focus is www.ocremix.org, a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers"

Crafting and painting is better with music! do you like video games? ,with some video game music with something more like Jazz, Classic, Punk, Rock, Electronic arrangements and even more, your going to have a really nice creative time :).

Talking about video games music... and if you like anime, this place can be the best you can find to get both! you can download almost every single album of almost every anime or videogame, really! even Yoko Kanno is there and with music from NES, SNES, N64, PS, GB, GBA, X BOX and more!
you can find some gems hiding there.
this one is from one of my favorite anime movies: Toki wo kakeru shoujo


If you would like to try something more with music, but not videogame or anime related then this is the place, they have a huge collection of music of all styles from all arround the world... impressive. I found Madelaine Peyroux there and im sure youll find something of your taste :).

and all those are totally free :D

ill be adding those in the link section, and in the next post ill give you some more links to help you get even more inspired with a few "ZOMG!!" amazing artists and else :P

see you next time ;)


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