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Artist collage

   There are so many things in life one can´t control... and thats okay
actually there are quite a lot of things that we shall not even try to control.


Lately i quite of lost control (or maybe only my reason) on the amount of freelance works  i´m in lately. Suddenly after a few lazy weeks i been with tons of work, i been going to sleep late the next day morning (like 4:00 am), or with a sleep reduced to just a couple of hours or i even end not sleeping at all.
This is quite good to rise funds for personal projects ( sadly sometimes the payment isn't that good). but the sad part is that you end leaving aside the so mentioned projects, if one doesn't has control over the situation or has good organization to get some few time for those personal projects, all can become completely frustrating.

So, i  have´nt been able to come and show so many things i would like to, and been doing lately.
like being a step further on my website construction:  piquipauparro.com (yeah! dream weaver ftw!), or editing-submitting photos of works in progress, etc. etc.  BUT! i decided i do am giving myself time fore something i do like and been willing to blog for a long time.  
I´m talking about featuring all these amazing artist that i been finding on the Internet on all this years, or that some friends have shared with me.

As an artist, going around, looking into some other people works can be something really good if you know how to "look" at these works, and with this i mean to not! fall in the bad ways of comparison like... "oh that artist is awesome... oh those works are amazing... oh i´m not that good... oh i´m so lame... oh i would never be so good... oh i quit"  oh no no no!, that must be avoided!! there will always be "better" and "worst" people than us (and i place the "" because sometimes we can´t really point such aspects so easily. i prefer to say there are people with more experience, with less experience, with different visions, techniques and skills) we can reach higher levels in art with hard work and the will to do it!.
If we rally want to compare ourselves with somebody maybe we should actually compare our works with our own works. oh yes!... what do i mean?, well...  have we been challenging our own skills and talents? how much have we been learning, researching, experimenting and really improving?  are we really developing ourselves? ore are we stuck with the same stuff in the comfort zone, as we think "we are so cool already" and (this attitude can ruin it all!) or maybe we are only doing the same thing as other people do and that seems to work for getting fans?... mere copycats?.
 Note that this last thing must not be misunderstood with inspiration!, art "feeds itself", i mean grate artist create, we get inspired, and so we take and learn things from them (you´ve been influenced!), and then when adding a bit from us to what we learned it becomes a part of ourselves and we use it.
 We then become kind of a nice collage made up of pieces we've been collecting from other people an their works... to become ourselves, different an unique on its own way (and we shall cherish that). Then, we create and even inspire others in some way, and the circle goes on and on. ( and this is something that goes beyond art) 
Actually... have you've heard of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong? as far as i know when Ella was younger she admired Louis, with time when becoming a singer she developed this unique vocal improvisation so particular from her, something so different. With time they meet each other and came with various collaborations, and  actually Louie then tried some similar vocal interpretation... i hope you get the point here. 

I find quite sad that some of this grate talents are unknown out there. specially as i think art can leave grate things on our lives. as it helps you too see and feel in a different way than the way you´r used to.
Even if you don't go with art as profession  i think you'll find and see something more than "just an odd drawing" and find what they really evoke.

In the name of organization and time  ill be posting like... about... 2.. 3 artist each time... 


In this occasion, first i´m going to feature a traditional media artist, that let us know that in a word that becomes more digital each day,  the traditional media is still alive, strong and filled with something unique that digital media could never be able to replace, the pleasure of feeling the texture of the paper, the paint.. the sound of the graphite pressed against the canvas, and so many other things.
Young woman with impressive skills, creating amazing artwork filled with details that evoke all kind of feelings, from a magical and whimsical colorful joy to a  black serene strength. 

May Ann Licudine 
a.k.a. Mall 
- La Union, Philippines-

"Filipino Visual Artist. Cat lover. Strawberry + Watermelon Eater. Experimental Photographer + Camera Enthusiast. Rubber Stamp Carver. Typography Addict. Happy Quiet Dreamer. Hearing / Speaking Impaired Girl." 

 "All that is needed is for US and OTHERS to believe that we can."

 When you look at her artworks you see so many things, you see feelings and emotions that tell stories, stories filled with details that make you want to look carefully into every little corner, because you can assure you'll find something the artist playfully hided for the curious ones that adventure themselves into her artwork. Colorful and playful colors, or deep monochromatic looks. Paintings, toys, props, illustrations, photographs... i was amazed, even more when i read about her life. Mall, is an artist that has really touched my heart, and not only with her gorgeous artwork, but also with her story...

Due to hearing deficiency she was born with,  her childhood was quite difficult, it involved more effort for learning, speach difficulties, and her classmates were not helping " I was laughed at, ridiculed, bullied, and even “hurt” physically by some of my classmates. I was punched and pinched because I was different. I was called monster, ugly, stupid, dumb and I had no friends". Even tho, that didn´t change her for bad, she didn´t gave up, she didn´t harden her heart, actually...  she kept her dreams and faith.

"Instead of being hurt by criticism… Instead of being weakened by frustration. I focused in believing in myself, and depended on the love, care and encouragement of my family and lived by my faith in God!" 

While reading her story you also can read part of the story on some of her works, about keeping strong, about support, the importance of  having someone to look over you, to help you complete your "missions", someone that does believes in you, and sometimes its about facing challenges alone, in order to grow up as individuals,  her characters Babu and Abu are sometimes the ones in charge of showing us this.
On the history of Mall´s life on can read about the importance of  family and their support,  and how it becomes a grate difference to have and to know you have someone that helps you and supports you... family, friends, God.

"Reflecting on my past experiences I can honestly say that I am very grateful for what I have become. Looking back, it seems unexpected that I will attain success in life because of my disability. But now I believed that anything is possible if you and OTHERS believe that you can" 

 Its sad that out there people tend to attack anything thats different, disabled or not, if your not like them they ten to attack you, make fun of you, and make things really difficult. Its real what is said, that if you call somebody "fool" and you treat em like that, eventually that person can become one. people need to become conscious of their actions and the consequences, how they can affect someone for good, or bad.

We do need to change the way we see the world and other people in order to find things that go beyond our imagination, we shall not stay with the regular way of thinking from this century, or we may end missing grate things or even harming them.

Artist do this in their regular basis, they observe, learn and then communicate a message, they are saying something.

Artwork reflects who we are, what is within us, in someway it reflects the story of our lives. Its in the paper, in the drawing and illustrations we make where we expose ourselves, where we become and open book.

Mall, who had to lead with so many difficulties still adds colors, light, life, hope, freedom, peace,
fun, contemplation and strength in her art.

 I totally recommend you to not stay just with this little feature, go to her blog and read more about  her speech at  De La Salle - Saint Benilde College, that tell us about her story. Find her at blogspot,  flickr, facebook and her own webpage  http://www.mayannlicudine.com   

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved." 
- HELEN KELLER, an American blind and deaf writer/lecturer- 


Traditional media is impressive, but we shall not leave aside digital artist, digital media has its own challenges, tricks and difficulties. she knows how to handle this media, crispy finished works that even if they been worked out on the computer from scratch, she knows how to add the "hand made" feelings... you can see the person behind them.

Emmy  Cicierega 
             - United States- 

when i first found Emmy i was more of a crazy cat lady... err.. i mean... i was more into drawing lions, tigers and such, she had this pretty tiger character "Bindi" ; vivid colors and fluid lines, how not to like her style?

with time as i got more interested on drawing other things i kind of forgot about her. but with time, one day i found a lot of beautiful illustrations, i went surprised when i found out it was her the author, that she was also digging into other things and becoming an even better artist.

I have found a lot of digital artist, grate artist with really good skills, but with time i tend to loose interest in them as sometimes all their works tend to look to much like each other. what i mean, is that sometimes digital artist go to much with the same process, the same kind of  filters, effects and other features they use once and again and again, even they´r characters tend to have the same faces, facial expressions and poses.
this not the case of Emmy.

What i like most of her works is that she really seems to know how to work with this kind of media (you are totally pwned Photoshop!!!!). she knows how to use it to express what she wants, digital media is more than just adding filters, layers, effects and so, one shall use it with wisdom and do not get over whelmed with all its features.
Just as she knows how to work for hours in a fully detailed illustrations she also knows how to relax and have fun with hilariously-aesthetic doodles, gifs and comic stripes filled with a simple and quite good sense of humor... or at least the one i like. ( you sometimes need a bit of fun and nonsense in order to avoid your brain being fried with so much work :P) yes! it so is important to have some time for a good laugh or simply to relax and forget about the work and the daily messy-noisy things from the world. they are from my favorite thing, i also really like how she´s not even afraid of drawing herself on the most odd ways in order to achieve the emotions she wants.

Her art is really refreshing, always filled with a "summer" feeling, even in her most gloomy works ( and some that are quite creepe) you can find this dynamism this feeling that characterize her works .  Drawings, doodles, illustrations, gifs, even a few videos in collaboration with his brother, there is always something nice to look at on her gallery.

She really knows how to use the media to express what she wants, i really recommend you to check out her works, she do has a Deviant account (where she also has some good Photoshop tutorials) but check out her Livejournal, as there, is where the fun really is, and you´ll find some works that you wont find on her  deviant account ( lately shes working more in some neat jewelry designs). you can follower on twitter and she even has a thumblr, also! check out her beautiful Balloon comic.
Ah! she´s so groovey ;D

"lets slow dance"

My apologizes for not adding links on the images to a larger size, that takes some time and i´m running out of it... i need to finish so many things. but i hope that will make you go see their pages!.
( Note that all the images and photos used for the artists features belong to their respective authors)

Ill leave you with something once my brother told me and that has helped me as you have no idea, specially  when looking at people with more experience in the matter. and that sometimes makes you feel down:

"ok so, look at your most recent works, look at everything you been doing lately. tell me, if i could go 2-3 years into the past,  show you the works your doing now and tell you -this is what you´ll be doing in a couple of years if you keep going - do you think you could have believed me?... no?... well let me tell you.. look at the artwork of those experimented artist you admire...  keep going and hard working and on a couple of years you´ll be doing works like that."

is step by step that we walk the longest journeys.
just keep doing your best, and believe.

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  1. Hello Chikapaw! I read your writings which you featured my art... awww, I cried a rather bit when I read it, I felt so touched deeply. You really make me smile. :) Thank you so much! Your crafts / drawings are beautifully adorable!!! :)

  2. Me encanta tu trabajo, maravillosas ilustraciones.