martes, 30 de julio de 2013

About how to revive and old forgotten blog

Its not a difficult as it may sounds
one would think the whole reviving something may involve some fancy lab, a loyal assistant and a crazy laugh with the touch of grainy film filter view. but its way more easy that that.

  That´s quite the only little thing you will be needing, the rest are just details... well sometimes is not as easy as it sounds actually, it not always comes in big amounts and good quality. but if i know something is that once it comes around you better do as much as you can with it, an maybe it will increase in number rather than only fade away.

Something that it isn´t as easy at is sounds either, but... well... science when the grates things that can be achieved are available under the "easy" label? not even in video games! (usually the best ending cinematics and cool unlockabless came after defeating the "hard" and "oh so very hard! " options.

Not to confuse Motivation with Inspiration.
Inspiration comes and goes around too with no major warning, but even grates ideas are left aside when you just don't feel like doing anything ( a sad thing i must say) so better be brave once inspiration and motivation sparkle around and arrive at the station at the same time.

Hmm maybe that would be another ingredient we can add to the mix, to be brave. that would be like... not listening to all those things on your head that tell you not to even try. One needs to just focus on getting the good crafty/writing things done.
But mostly when you are pretty much loaded with motivation all those other things can´t stand its feral arrival.

In my case Motivation came around accompanied with some amount of  nostalgia. For the last 2 years i been doing nothing more than to focus on working on commissions (with tiny brake exceptions), and any kind of personal project was somehow related with commissions themes, (A.K.A. Cartoon characters). Its not that i´m complaining!, i loved the whole experience! and still. it brought huge amounts of learning, growing, and other desirable things. But... just a few days ago, while looking for some old drawings i came across and old sketch book (like 2006-2009 sketchbook). How filled up it was will all kind of ideas!, i think it was the sketchbook i cherished the most at that time(my mom actually crafted it for me!! how awesome is that???!!) the amounts of creativity and "ill give this crazy idea a chance" kind of works on it made me thought that maybe... i been quite underestimating my creativity for some time, all because one goes around listening to the "wrong voices" and that ridiculous thing artist have to compare their works with anything they found on the way that  has the "art" label,  bad bad idea.   and i really missed those days... that of high amounts of happy art and careless doodling.

I start to wonder where would things be if i had kept working on those ideas... who knows!, but the moment i´m living is now, and i better don´t expend it on trying to do a timey-wimmey time mind travel thing of what could have been, for today i have learned lots of things and grew in others ( i just said i may be better at this than i thought, see? that is a change that could lead to really good things today) so yeah, maybe this is quite the best time to get back to all those abandoned ideas and listen to the "be brave" part of the recipe and get things done.
Of course you may now have realized im not just talking about reviving an old blog, but also about reviving that old personal crafty world of mine.

Hm... just now i realize (and kind of remember) i like writing
is just the whole "omg someone out there is going to read my personal feelings and thoughts" something that always creeps me out (some of those side effects of being an introvert, you know). So i don't know how the blogging thing will go, but from what i have learned lately, there is a moment when its a good idea to go out and share some thoughts and points of view and art and stuff, not going there for the sake of spotlight and be loved and getting attention, but just because maybe... maybe sharing some creative thinking kind of thing could help someone out there, specially other creative people looking for motivation... inspiration... bravery or something, and maybe they will find it here, and  maybe that something may help someone make their life a little more sparkly and creative and crafty.

So, let see where this recent batch of inspiration-motivation-bravery thing leads me.
Don´t know how long this things will last but as long as they are there, better do the best i can do with them.
hope they stay longer than last time tho *sight*.

Now if you excuse me i thin there is something burning on the kitchen...
better go now.

Ill be around
Stay Crafty!...
And motivated..
And brave...

And all those things :)


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