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Commissions info, how, when and where.

So.. you like my work and would like to buy it?
you can get it through a commission order!...

This is important information you need to know!

 please read it carefully before  contacting me with any questions 

Here you will learn how, when, how to order and also details about shipping, payment options and contact information.

Be sure to check up my "commissions costs" post 
 to get an idea of the price ranges i work with. 

*By dropping me a message you are accepting my terms and conditions written in these pages, any problems that could come from not reading and understanding this information will be your responsibility*

* .--*--..--*--..--*--. *


*--. All handmade items, hand - machine stitched,  intended for collectors, not for kids under 14 nor rough play.

*--.I only accept new orders when i announce im open for commissions, other wise you may be suggested to wait until i go open again or be offered to be placed on a waiting list if there are empty slots available.

*--. While you wait you are free to ask questions about your project, quotes and other details.
*--. work with a "commissions list", once full  commissions will be closed.
The amount of slots always vary.  
Sending me a message doesn't warranty you'll get a slot on the list.

*--. My favorite fabric choice is Minky, filled with polister fiver and plastic beads in certain cases

*--. The time for completing a piece varies a lot, i cannot meet any deadlines, specially if they involve less than 3 weeks for it to be finished and delivered.

*--. A lot of people ask me to use a cheaper material (fabric) to decrease costs, but patterns made to go with Minky wont work for fleece or cotton, it would be a lot more work for me to adjust the pattern to a different fabric and to make it look as good, and more work involves a higher cost!, so im not making plushies of a different fabric they were intended to be unless they are "compatible". 

*--.  Will not make an OC that doesn't belong to the commissioner unless the owner contacts me giving their consent.

*--.  Will not make:  sexual/gore themes, or things i find offensive.

*--.  I May change the order of the commission list as i see its needed, either for time organization or materials supplies availability

*--. I have the right to refuse working for you if problems arise, or you are "flagged" by other sellers as a bad buyer or not a good person to deal with.

* .--*--..--*--..--*--. *


How to order / Request Quotes: 

 If you haven't read about my price ranges already i suggest you to do so!

 Want a more specific price quote for your commission?

(Remember Quotes valid only for 30 days.)

 send me a message through: 

with the title:
 "Quote for:__(insert plushie character name here)___"
with the same info that those requesting a commission (see below)

 Already have the quote for the total of your order?
 to get a slot send me an e-mail (when commissions are open) with the title: 
"  __(insert character name and size here)__ commission order "

The e-mail needs to contain the following information:

- Character wanted 
- Style (show accurate, personal style, chibi, etc) 
- Proper image reference, the more the merrier.
- Size
- Pose (sitting, laying down, sleeping, etc) 
- If you want something from my gallery let me know.
- Special details (sounds, songs, posability)
- If already gave you Quote for your order be sure to mention it
- Country you want it to be shipped


-They fail to contain the previous information!!
-They are Poorly written (like: pls sell me this n that cuz it cwte lol)

    You'll then be notified if you made it into the commission list, the waiting list or non.
     With a confirmation of your order and the total.

Then we will arrange things to get things moving.

*--.Once your slot is up next and i contact you to star the work you have a week to respond, if you fail to do so your slot will be sent to the bottom of the list, if by the time it comes up again you miss to write me back in the next week your commission will be canceled, if you are still interested on it you will need to re submit your order when they go open again.

* .--*--..--*--..--*--. *


*--. Paypal is my prefered payment option,  for credit card the purchase/payments will be done through my Etsy shop. If you are in my country there are other options available.

*--.Once its your turn on the list i will request an upfront, 50% of the total to start working.  the other 50% + shipment and handling once it is finished.

*--.Payment plans available only for plushies over $300

*--. If you want to cancel the order once you have sent the first payment, i wont be able to refund you a 100%, only a 20% of the original amount.

*--. Fisrt payment must be done withing the next 3 days or it will be canceled or sent down on the commission list.

*--. Work wont be started until first payment is received.

*--. Plushies wont be sent until the las payment+shipping are sent and cleared.

* .--*--..--*--..--*--. *

Payment plans:

Payment plans are for helping you acquire a plushie by making several payments over time. You can make weekly, biweekly, or even monthly payments. they are available only only for plushies over $300

*--.In order to get a payment plan you need to ask for it before a purchase/bid is placed and mention how often and for how long you would be paying for the item.

But please, understand this doesnt mean you can take as much time as you want to fully pay. The total amount should be covered in a determined amount of time depending on the cost of the craft.

To give you and idea
The ideal would be that any amount under $3,000 should be covered in 4 1/2 months or less if possible. any under $600 on 2 months or less.
if you could be needing some extra time please mention it and we may be able to arrange something.

*--.If you want a payment plan for commissions, payments can be done while im working on your craft, and extend for an extra time after its finished.

*--.On auctions and direct purchases you need to submit your first payment in the next 42hrs.
You shall make a down payment of at least 20% of the total to confirm the Purchase

  ---- If you need help at any time with payments please contact me and we can arrange something!

*- Otherwise
If you fail to do payments as we have agreed ( taking too long to send them while staying out of contact, or sending much lower amounts that agreed, extending payment period way too much or bringing other kind of trouble) you could either be charged a 10% of the total as interest each time a payment is messed up or even get the transaction canceled.

*--.As mentioned before 

if a transaction is canceled you wont be getting a %100 refund  only a 20% of the original amount you have already sent.

* .--*--..--*--..--*--. *


Shipping worldwide available!!!

*--. Shipping costs vary depending on weight, destination and desired method.

*--. Regular mail and EMS are the most affordable option available, both include tracking numbers. private carriers are way more expensive (DHL, USPS, etc)

*--.You will be provided with the tracking number of the package for you to track and estimate time of delivery.

*--. I am not responsible of the package once its been left on the post office.

*--. I usually ship packages within 4 days after payment has been done in order to wait for paypal to transfer the shipping funds and pay postage.

 * .--*--..--*--..--*--. *

Thank you so much  for your interest and support!
i hope to hear from you when commission go open

*-. Piquipauparro .-*

* .--*--..--*--..--*--. *

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