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Commissions Costs

Hello again!

The following information will give you and idea of the estimate cost of the work you want to order through the price ranges and other info.

To learn about general information about commissions please check
 a lot of questions get answered there.
Please check it up before contacting me.

*-. All costs in USD .-*

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Needle Felting

*--. Size around 3" - 5" high/wide: $38 - $65  

Miniature Mew - Needle fleting by Piquipauparro    Little mouse - needle felting by Piquipauparro  needle felted ferret by Piquipauparro

*--. Size around 5" - 7" high/wide: $85 - $285  

Winona - Needle felted by Piquipauparro  Mightyena by Piquipauparro

*--. Size around  8"- 10" high/wide: $235 - $458  

The thunder by Piquipauparro  Shiranui  - okami Neelde felting by Piquipauparro

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Any character except ponies (those have their own category)
  Regular fabric choice is Minky, others may be used to compliment.
Floppy ones are also stuffed with plastic pellets. 

*--. 8" to 11" tall/With : $185  - $340

Mew - Handmade plush by Piquipauparro Shiny Umbreon - Handmade plush by Piquipauparro

*--. 12" to 14" tall/with : $265 - $ 620  

Hyacinth II by Piquipauparro

*--. 15" to 24"  tall/with :  $420 - $780 and up 


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My little pony plushies

 Mares, Fillies, Colts, Princess, Pets, OCs available, just ask!

*--.  Pocket size pony:

Small 4" tall ponies with movable legs and wings. perfect to carry around!
Comes with a custom little "house" for the pony to sleep inside, different for each character (can be a muffin,  apple, cloud... you choose!)

Starting at: $112 usd (Costs increase with pony and hosue details)

can i has muffin - mini derpy plush by Piquipauparro A pony and her muffin by Piquipauparro ;4 inch - Derpy plush by Piquipauparro

*--. Palm size pony:

little pony companion :D

8" - 9" tall/long    laying down - sitting pose

Starting at:       $258 = Regular Mare-Colt                  
                        $220 = Fillies (smaller)
                        $349= Princess (taller)

Granny Smith plushie by Piquipauparro

You can request custom - more elaborated poses, just have in mind this increases cost

Octavia by Piquipauparro Sitting on a park bench - Lyra by Piquipauparro Scootaloo, little filly - handmade by Piquipauparro

*--. 14" pony:

basic pony starts at:  13" tall : $435 - up 

  - pic coming soon-

*--. 10" Filly
basic starts at  10" tall : $340 - up

- pic coming soon-

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Posable art dolls


Highly detailed and movable, most can stand by themselves (unless they have a design that defies gravity) all kind of materials and techniques will be used in order to make all the details, clothes and accessories with a more realistic look.

Size 10" - 14" tall:  $450 - $720

Plush figure -Shake dog by Piquipauparro   Count Duckula by Piquipauparro 

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For more specific price quotes 
contact me through a note at 
Deviantart facebooketsy, or write to

(Quotes valid only for 30 days.)

Can´t find what you are looking for?
Any questions?
Drop me a mesage!

          Thank you so much for your interest
                      and taking your time to read!

        Hope to see you around!

             Buzzing Bee by Mirz123



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